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Yoga in the Drive

June 1st - Yoga in the driveway at Cumberland Village Wellness. This is a by donation fundraiser for our local Pride Society.

Let's celebrate pride, do yoga outside with Annicia  & have fun.

Shift Flow is an all levels gentle and strong experience. Practitioners will be guided to transition through postures with various options and always encouraged to let their own body’s unique wisdom be their strongest message. The flow style is created with inspiring sequencing and themes to assist practitioners to embody their life, easing them into taking the physical practice off the mat when they leave, like a sweet goodie bag! It focuses on syncing breath with body in traditional postures and well as through transitions, there’s space for stillness and movement, come as you are and meet yourself where ever you need. This class is a warm welcome home as practitioners go inward and deepen their mind/body connection.


Annicia Fogal RYT

Annicia recently landed in the heart of Cumberland. She hosts a myriad of movement based events, as well as teaching online and previously in studios in Canmore Alberta over the past +5 years. You can find her teaching yoga regularly here in the valley. Annicia believes that as we navigate shifts in our lives we are inevitably shifting back home to ourselves. She founded Shift on the premise that as we shift ; perspective, gears, nervous system states, doing to being (to name just a few) we are better together. She thrives in building wholehearted, inclusive community and invites all to discover themselves more deeply amongst the support of community - where the magic happens. She encourages people to move from the heart, explore their boundaries and allow their unique wisdom to guide any subtle, simple or massive, nuanced shifts they’re navigating.

Yoga in Nature
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