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Baby Toes

Baby Massage Lessons

Wellness for everyone. Treatments for you - and your baby.

Whether you want to soothe a gassy tummy, ease teething discomfort or help your baby have a better sleep, infant massage can be a soothing, bonding experience for you both.


In these one-on-one lessons, Kirsten will show you various gentle movement patterns. These massage techniques may have several health benefits for your infant or toddler, including:

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone

  • Heightened mind and body awareness

  • Reduction of stress hormones

  • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment


Touch is the most developed of the five senses at birth. What better way to nurture feelings of tenderness, respect, and devotion than through gentle, calming massage?


Arrive with your baby and a blanket and leave with a better understanding of the power of your loving touch. (Plus, oil, and an instruction booklet!)


45 MINUTES $105

Upcoming Baby Massage Classes 
June 1
FREE INTRO Baby Massage at 1pm
Cedar House Collective
June 28 
90 min Baby Massage Class at 12-1:30pm
Cedar House Collective
$45-Limited space, please register
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