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Registered Massage Therapy

Wellness for everyone. Treatments for you.

Massage Therapy


All our treatments include individual assessment, treatment and home care. Cumberland Village Wellness RMTs offer the following massage treatments; however, not all modalities are offered by each practitioner. If you’re looking for a specific treatment method, confirm its availability with your massage therapist.

ONE HOUR  $120
45 MINUTES $95

Massage Lesson


Whether you want to soothe a gassy tummy, ease teething discomfort or help your baby have a better sleep, infant massage can be a soothing, bonding experience for you both.

30 MINUTES $45

Labour Massage for Expecting Couples

Pregnant Woman

We all want a soothing body massage every now and then. But when you’re in labour, you want it even more – and you deserve it!

45 MINUTES $65

New clients can call us directly at 250-336-3244 to book.

This allows us to explain our treatment approach, ask about your needs and determine which RMT will suit you best. Returning clients can call, email, text or book online.

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