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Breast, Chest & Oncology Massage in the Comox Valley

Breast, Chest & Oncology Massage

Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer surgeries, Gender Affirming Top Surgeries and Therapeutic Breast Massage

We are Registered Massage Therapists offering support for those undergoing breast and chest surgery—be it for breast cancer, elective procedures, or gender-affirming surgery.

We have been highly trained by The Mastectomy Guide in their 6-month Mentorship and Training Academy for Breast, Chest and Oncology Massage, so we are well versed in therapeutic breast massage, 18 types of breast and chest surgery, the top 10 post-op complications plus how to support you if you’re going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

We use gentle & slow techniques that create little to no pain, no huge movements and methods tailored to your healing stage are used throughout.

Your well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring you feel comfortable and safe during our time together.


Whether you’re looking for pain relief, scar tissue management, or connecting to your new body, we are here to support your rehabilitation and well-being to the best of our ability.

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  • Therapeutic Breast Massage

  • Elective & Medically Indicated Breast/Chest Surgery Massage

  • Gender Affirming Surgery Massage

  • Breast Cancer Surgery Massage

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