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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

New clients can call us directly at (250) 336-3244 to book. This allows us to explain our treatment approach, ask about your needs and determine which RMT will suit you best. Returning clients can call, email, text or book online.

What if I don’t see any appointments available online?

Our online bookings run on a two-month rolling schedule. If no appointment options appear, our schedules are full. Please add yourself to our waitlist, and we’ll do our best to fit you in as soon as possible.

Does the waitlist work?

Yes! We often get three to five cancellations per week.

Can I book twice in one week or have regular appointments for the year?

We ask that clients only book one appointment per week to save space for others. If medically necessary, your RMT will discuss a more advanced treatment plan. To book regular appointments through the year, speak to your RMT.

What can I expect during my first massage?

Your RMT will communicate clearly and walk you through the steps. During your first visit you will be required to fill out and sign a couple of forms. Your appointment takes into account time for forms, assessment, treatment and homecare suggestions.

What should I wear?

Your comfort is of utmost importance. Your RMT may ask you to bring sport shorts and a top for assessment. Your RMT will then leave the room and ask you to remove your clothing down to whatever you’re comfortable wearing, e.g., boxers, briefs, underwear or bra. Your RMT will knock before re-entering the room. You will remain covered by sheets; only the area being treated is undraped.

Do I need a doctor’s note or referral?

Referrals are not necessary, but some extended health plans require a doctor’s note. It’s best to check your coverage before making an appointment.

Is treatment covered by MSP?

Patients approved by MSP for Premium Assistance can claim partial cost of their massage therapy treatment. (Premium Assistant patients are entitled to 10 total visits per calendar year to supplementary health-care providers.)

Is treatment covered by my extended health benefits?

We are covered through most extended health benefit plans; speak with your therapist to confirm.

Do you offer direct billing?

We offer direct billing with most health plans, ICBC, MSP, RCMP and Veteran Affairs. Speak with your individual RMT to find out what direct billing they offer.

What are your Covid-19 safety protocols?

Clients will receive a Phase 3 Survey sent out 36 hours before appointments. This will keep you up to date on our current protocols.

Masks are required.

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